virtual terminal

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virtual terminal

(1) Software in a user's computer that emulates a particular type of hardware terminal in order to access a server. When personal computers began to proliferate in the late 1980s, virtual terminals enabled users to access the corporate minicomputers and mainframes from their PCs without having to use dedicated terminals. Also called "terminal emulation."

(2) Web browser-based access to a merchant services site for authorizing and entering credit card purchases. Instead of a physical terminal that can read the magnetic stripe on the card, the account information has to be manually typed in; however, it enables access from any online computer.

(3) Providing access to a database or an information system via a common interface such as a Web browser on any user's computer.
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Perfect for businesses of any size, the Clearent virtual terminal is a scalable solution that offers numerous features.
PC-based virtual terminal power by Intel[R] Atom[TM] processors, implemented in 45nm process technology, are power-optimized to deliver robust performance per watt, making them ideal for embedded farm and agricultural machinery applications
ProtectPay Online Virtual Terminal enables merchants to reduce or remove PCI compliance obligations and risks associated with data compromise by storing their customers' card data securely with ProPay.
Payment channel offerings include SMS text pay, virtual terminals, mobile payment technology, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), payment kiosks and Web payment portals.
PayHub(TM) supports online and recurring payments, offers a swiped mobile payment solution with an encrypted swiper and has a virtual terminal that handles swiped and keyed transactions with real-time reporting.
From its NextPay Gateway and Virtual Terminal to its recurring and online billing applications, NextPay gives all merchants confidence that its one-provider platform delivers the stringent security they need.
Sage provides a wide range of secure stand-alone and integrated payment processing solutions including Sage Exchange, Sage Virtual Terminal, Sage Mobile Payments, Sage Check 21+, Sage Gift and Loyalty Cards and Sage Point of Sale Conversion.
The dynamic platform also provides IVR Self Service Solutions, Virtual Terminal and WebServices for third party integration as part of the platform, thus providing several avenues for accepting payments.
TSYS Acquiring Solutions today announced Class A approval for the PC-based retail and virtual terminal point-of-sale (POS) payment solutions, CounterPASS[TM] and WebPASS[TM].
Products and services include software and processing support for MasterCard[R], VISA[R], American Express[R], and Discover[R] credit card transactions, debit card processing, Internet-based virtual terminal systems, electronic check services, and electronic gift cards.
PayPros Virtual Terminal PayPros Virtual Terminal gives businesses access to a secure, online tool for processing real-time credit card and check transactions from any computer with internet access.
Credit Card Terminal is an iPhone virtual terminal that performs merchant credit card processing using Authorize.

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