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1. a consummate master of musical technique and artistry
2. a connoisseur, dilettante, or collector of art objects



a musician, performer, or artist who brilliantly overcomes considerable technical difficulties. The term “virtuoso” is applied primarily to music performers—instrumentalists and vocalists. The art of the virtuoso is inextricably linked with artistic inspiration, which captivates the audience and facilitates a brilliant and memorable interpretation of a work. Virtuosity allows the substance of a musical work to reach the listener with maximum completeness. However, when the performer is preoccupied with virtuosity in a one-sided manner, substance is relegated to the background and even falls victim to a demonstration of technical mastery in playing.


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On one of his all-new-material annual tours he even played, virtuosically, at speed, "Tico Tico" on steel pan, which he had learned to make in Trinidad, filming the process for instructional purposes.
As the actions and interactions accumulate, the play becomes a metaphor for itself, a virtuosically self-enclosed theatrical event like Waiting for Godot or Endgame - and equally bleak philosophically.
But as luck would have it, a contemporary did in fact virtuosically misread the early version of this piece: the well-known copy of the C minor overture from the library of Dortmund organist Johann Gottlieb Preller (1727-86) is, quite simply, a mess.
With "Everything for You , Otegem," De Cock virtuosically exchanged material mass and spatial expanse for material multitude and spatial reiteration.
The scarifyin' title track adds interesting shades of noir, and the whole package feels cutting edge and virtuosically traditional with every flash-picked chord.
The lower auxiliary note to harmonic 8 is found in The Yorkshire Feast Song, Dioclesian (both 1690) and The Fairy-Queen (1692), but its only subsequent appearances are in the The Libertine and The Indian Queen-in the latter the non-harmonic pitch is virtuosically approached by leap from natural harmonic 9-and other English composers employed it rarely in later music.
A Jean Langlais trio excitingly puts player and organ (the superb and almost tonally unchanged 1887 Father Willis) through their paces, the virtuosically brilliant Incantation pour un jour Saint and Fete framing the quietly timeless Chant de Paix.
Some scenes seem almost virtuosically elaborated: A relatively well dressed guy wanders into view from the right; it looks like he's trying to reach the left edge of the far-right screen (he actually gets there a couple of times) but he always ends up back near the center of the frame as if drawn by some invisible force; finally he disappears off to the right where he came from.
After the malicious scherzo, sleekly, virtuosically given, Oramo gave a little bow of acknowledgement to his orchestra before moving on to a desolate slow movement (Kevin Gowland's flute solo appropriately melancholy) and an amazingly sonorous finale with Symphony Hall accommodating the swooping welter of sound with no distortion.