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1. a consummate master of musical technique and artistry
2. a connoisseur, dilettante, or collector of art objects



a musician, performer, or artist who brilliantly overcomes considerable technical difficulties. The term “virtuoso” is applied primarily to music performers—instrumentalists and vocalists. The art of the virtuoso is inextricably linked with artistic inspiration, which captivates the audience and facilitates a brilliant and memorable interpretation of a work. Virtuosity allows the substance of a musical work to reach the listener with maximum completeness. However, when the performer is preoccupied with virtuosity in a one-sided manner, substance is relegated to the background and even falls victim to a demonstration of technical mastery in playing.


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We can celebrate these faculty as virtuosos of nursing education, just as we identify and celebrate the virtuosos who practice the art of clinical nursing.
We use the term virtuoso when referring to musicians, dancers, and other artists and performers.
The business and entrepreneurial aspects are fascinatingly explored, including the interplay between the virtuosos and piano manufacturers, Erard in Europe and Scherr, Steinway and Chickering in America, where endorsements and exclusive contracts for providing performance instruments presage procedures of our time.
From Paris to Peoria: How European Piano Virtuoso Brought Classical Music to the American Heartland, by R.
The final concert of the series will feature two award-winning virtuosos, rajeev Taranath, sarod, and Swapan Chaudhuri, tabla, who will present North Indian classical music at 8 p.
Many people watched performance of Iranian violin virtuoso.
Farid Farjad is an Iranian descended American violin virtuoso.