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1. of or relating to the balance of trade
2. a visible item of trade; product


i. In general, the apparent or visible junction of the earth and sky, as seen from any specific position. Also called a visible or local horizon.
ii. When an apparent boundary is modified by refraction, terrain, or other factors, it is called an apparent horizon.
iii. A small circle on the celestial sphere, the plane of which passes through the observer's eye and is parallel to the observer's rational horizon, is called a sensible horizon.
iv. A path followed by a radar beam when it is tangential to earth is a radar horizon.
v. The locus of the point at which direct rays from a terrestrial radio transmitter become tangential to the earth is a radio horizon.
vi. A line resembling the visible horizon but above or below it is called a false horizon.
vii. An artificial horizon is a gyroscopic instrument for indicating the attitude of an aircraft with respect to the horizontal. See artificial horizon.
References in classic literature ?
And when, at last, I shouldered the coracle and groped my way stumblingly out of the hollow where I had supped, there were but two points visible on the whole anchorage.
Hence, all my Flatland friends -- when I talk to them about the unrecognized Dimension which is somehow visible in a Line -- say, 'Ah, you mean BRIGHTNESS': and when I reply, 'No, I mean a real Dimension', they at once retort, 'Then measure it, or tell us in what direction it extends'; and this silences me, for I can do neither.
His doors and windows were still closed, no appearance of change was visible.
Still slower, until the dim outlines of a desolate beach grew visible.
Yet this strangest of all things that ever came to earth from outer space must have fallen while I was sitting there, visible to me had I only looked up as it passed.
For a thing whose presence or absence makes no visible difference, is not an organic part of the whole.
Passing through the narrow arch, I crossed the court-yard, the confined precincts of which were made visible by a lantern over the portal of the Province House.
The first impulse of navigation took its visible form in that tideless basin freed from hidden shoals and treacherous currents, as if in tender regard for the infancy of the art.
And in a low voice, as the cart went slowly along through the midst of the gazing crowd, she poured forth her soul with the wrestling intensity of a last pleading, for the trembling creature that clung to her and clutched her as the only visible sign of love and pity.
The visible change in Edgar was that he grew morbid, sad, silent; the neighbours thought he was going mad.
It was somewhat disguised from the road in passing it by yews and evergreen oaks, but it was visible enough up here.
But the cream- coloured house (supposed to be modelled on the private hotels of the Parisian aristocracy) was there as a visible proof of her moral courage; and she throned in it, among pre-Revolutionary furniture and souvenirs of the Tuileries of Louis Napoleon (where she had shone in her middle age), as placidly as if there were nothing peculiar in living above Thirty-fourth Street, or in having French windows that opened like doors instead of sashes that pushed up.

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