visual horizon

natural horizon

The circle around the observer where the earth and the sky appear to meet. Also called a visual horizon or an apparent horizon.
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In chapter 5, "Kingship and Visual Communication in the Early Dynastic Period," Marchetti sets the royal statues within a broad visual horizon consisting of steles, seals, plaques, and inlays.
In addition, the articulating design enables me to obtain the critical view of anatomical structures in HD 3-D without losing the important visual horizon.
Birds could turn upwind toward a food source several miles away--well over the visual horizon.
Two of the concepts introduced in the program are commentary driving and maintaining a visual horizon.
Bolle Slipstream provides one of the sunglass industry's most complete visual horizon coverage with an integrated design that blocks annoying peripheral light.
The EFV is an armored amphibious vehicle capable of seamlessly transporting Marines from Naval ships located beyond the visual horizon to inland objectives.
Captivating the senses, a visual horizon of canopied tents draped in thousands of yards of fabrics transforms Bridgeport Park in Valencia into vineyard streets and vendor villages evoking the enchantment of old world European post harvest festivals.
It opens our students' visual horizons to a greater understanding that they are important participants, who have a real role, in a global world.
Expand your visual horizons with a new show at the Sprinkler Factory, 38 Harlow St.
A collection of templates, clip art, page toppers, quotes, and much more, this tool helps you create a personalized keepsake, rib order, call Visual Horizons at 8110.
Normal Kings' growing client list is dominated by successful, long-term clients such as Massachusetts YMCAs, Bell Power Systems, Electron Solar Energy, Bergan Architectural Woodworking, Baldwin Outdoor Comfort, Visual Horizons Software, Green Mountain Electric Supply, and dozens of other organizations.
The growing popularity of the application allowed for Wilson to establish Visual Horizons Software, which oversees the development of ConsignPro.

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