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1. essential to maintain life
2. of, relating to, having, or displaying life
a. the bodily organs, such as the brain, liver, heart, lungs, etc., that are necessary to maintain life
b. the organs of reproduction, esp the male genitals


A semantics language using FSL, developed by Mondshein in 1967.

[Sammet 1969, p. 641].
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In order to come up with the list of vitally important medicines, it is necessary to know the cost and demand for each drug and assess health technologies for cost-effectiveness.
Vitally important: Marsh ladies' Choir with musical director Ian Abbott provided sparkling entertainment
But that meant that the charity was unable to collect vitally needed new donations to replace the sold items.
vitally vitally games It was, to say the least, disappointing on Saturday against Southampton.
village communities to markets and services, as well as to enhance the potential of the Transport Ministry on management by the vitally
And finally, the secretary encouraged the foreign minister to continue important dialogue with Israel because that relationship remains a vitally important one to the future of the region," he added.
Although this is a vitally important issue it is part and parcel of the lack of general funding from the Treasury from New Labour in London.
Regular sexual health checks, particularly for those young people most at risk, are vitally important.
Vitally important reading for counselors and psychotherapists working with families in clinical settings, Working With Parents Makes Therapy Work is also very highly recommended for the struggling parents of struggling children and teens for its invaluable and accessible contribution of helpful insights and general content.
That's why it's vitally important that you follow all the steps in the cleaning and lubrication PMCS section of your-10-1 TM.
C-Fam plans a vitally important in-depth expose of the Earth Charter threat.