vocal cords

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vocal cords:

see larynxlarynx
, organ of voice in mammals. Commonly known as the voice box, the larynx is a tubular chamber about 2 in. (5 cm) high, consisting of walls of cartilage bound by ligaments and membranes, and moved by muscles. The human larynx extends from the trachea, or windpipe.
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Vocal cords

The pair of elastic, fibered bands inside the human larynx. The cords are covered with a mucous membrane and pass horizontally backward from the thyroid cartilage (Adam's apple) to insert on the smaller, paired arytenoid cartilages at the back of the larynx. The vocal cords act as sphincters for air regulation and may be vibrated to produce sounds. Separation, approximation, and alteration of tension are produced by action of laryngeal muscles acting on the pivoting arytenoids. Vibration of the cords produces fundamental sounds and overtones. These can be modified by the strength of the air current, the size and shape of the glottis (the opening between the cords), and tension in the cords. See Larynx, Speech

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Tests of the tissue-foam combination showed that under stress and strain, the material behaved just like vocal cord tissue does when it's similarly exercised.
Local injection of botulinum toxin - Botox - may be an effective treatment for intractable asthma associated with abnormal vocal cord movement," said Professor Philip Bardin, from Melbourne's public Monash Health service.
However, the polyps eventually became bad enough that Bjork had to cancel several concerts "and Biophilia residencies in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and Portugal due to having inflamed vocal cord nodules," according to the (http://www.
Last year she lost her ability to sing after a polyp was found on her vocal cords.
The null hypothesis states that the percentage of the vocal cords visible when performing laryngoscopy with the Miller blade and paraglossal approach is comparable to that observed when using the Macintosh blade.
She said: "My vocal cords are very different to most people's - even though they're strong, they're different, because I have nodules that are very helpful in hitting certain high notes.
4 and underwent surgery two weeks later to remove ulcers from his left vocal cord.
Such stress on the vocal cords results in vocal fatigue, thus hoarseness, and can set people up for severe vocal injury.
However, it should be followed by laryngoscopy to assess the state of the patient's vocal cords while he or she is awake, Dr.
The Young Dubliners: ``Real World'' (Higher Octave) The booming voice of Keith Roberts, the Celtic rock group's frontman, has recovered since he underwent surgery to remove a node near his vocal cords.
Drink water and juice -eight to ten glasses a day -to keep the vocal cords hydrated.
Not only do lang obsessives see their idol's intimate rituals (steaming her vocal cords, getting a message), but we also discover that one fan's particularly enthusiasing made the singer pee her pants with laughter relationship with her personal assistant is especially fascinating: Imagine hiring someone whose job is to keep you happy.