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Special high-voltage thick film resistors can also be replaced, which allows for significantly enhanced performance due to superior voltage coefficient and unrivaled precision properties at high voltages.
The resistors feature low voltage coefficient, tight tolerances, and low TCR for precise voltage measurement.
Saturation current can be calculated by solving (1) in open circuit condition, and also by considering current and voltage coefficient to model the effect of temperature on saturation current.
Among these is the voltage coefficient of the resistive material.
A series of tests revealed that anode leveling caused the voltage coefficient to drop and could contribute more than $300,000 in power savings per year.
In addition to these topics, the e-handbook provides two measurement applications examples: avalanche photodiode reverse bias current measurements and voltage coefficient testing of high ohmic value resistors.
The critical features of this high voltage resistor are linearity, expressed by voltage coefficient (VCR) and temperature coefficient (TCR), and long-term stability under voltage stress.
Voltage coefficient for the CYR20 caps is zero and operating temperature range is -55[degrees] to +125[degrees]C.
Additional features include a maximum operating temperature of 175 degrees Centigrade and a positive forward voltage coefficient, which enables parallel operation, allowing designers the ability to utilize multiple XPT discrete devices in parallel to achieve the desired high current requirements of their application.
The XPT IGBTs have a positive forward voltage coefficient, which enables parallel operation, thus facilitating scaling up the current capability with the use of multi module systems.
300 W at 25[degrees] C, low voltage coefficient of less than 0.
All AVX glass capacitors exhibit zero piezoelectric noise and have zero voltage coefficient regardless of age or style.