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A wedge-shaped block whose converging sides radiate from a center forming an element of an arch or vaulted ceiling.

stepped voussoir

A voussoir that is squared along its upper surfaces so that it fits horizontal courses of masonry units.


A wedge-shaped masonry unit in an arch or vault whose converging sides are cut as radii of one of the centers of the arch or vault.
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and] the whole structure seems to expand and extend outwards as the eye travels upward; the fan-shaped alternation of light and dark voussoirs intensifies this impression--the impression of a room that appears to fan outwards from many centers, and is at once motionless and mobile".
The Beaux-Art style is identified by classical architectural elements seen on the building, such as: the dentils within the bracketed cornice, voussoirs, exaggerated key stones and stone string courses.
Decorative woodwork around eaves, doors and windows is gone, as is any overt decorative brickwork, particularly voussoirs, polychrome or three-dimensional banding, or chimney work.
5 km made at the launching beam or other comprising 7 non-current works including in particular the crossing of the RN 118, - of the two ramps of connection to the open trenches, It will be made available to the holder a platform allowing him to prefabricate the voussoirs constituting the viaduct.
On the masonry arches the keystone and the voussoirs on the arch have opened up showing some significant gaps which is common with movement in the bridge.