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The four vows discussed here share eight common characteristics: (1) a voluntary vow can be made by anyone and everyone, man or woman, individual or group; (2) the unidentified narrator and not the vower defines the act as a vow; (3) the vower is in a state of distress and seeks the Lord's support via the vow; (4) the vower uses language that manifests some intensity of feeling, as well as a personal relationship with the Lord; (5) the vows show a complex concern with urgent human issues and fears; (6) the vower addresses the Lord directly and in a personal manner; (7) the vower sets forth a condition for the Lord to meet; (8) the vower follows the condition with a promise to dedicate something--a service or property--to the Lord as thanks for the Lord's support.
Cheryl, 25, has previously dismissed the idea of renewing her vows as "tacky.
But if the vows that you made first time around didn't stop you or your partner misbehaving, what's to say that they are going to make the difference this time?
Bill O'Reilly vows to defy that Al Qaeda death list, whether it exists or not.
But can renewing your wedding vows put the pep back into a relationship?
TV and film stars Daniel Day Lewis, Billy Connolly, Trevor Eve, Spike Lee, Ron Howard, John Byrne and Ewen Bremner were bussed in t o w a t c h t h e p a i r exchange vows.
Taken together, these two elements of the courtship plot--the betrothal and ritual death--play a large part in creating one of this novel's great themes: a true heroine is one who understands what vows to take, keeps any vow she has taken, and respects the honorably spoken vows of others.
In addition, vows made for religious life are different from Matrimony and Holy Orders.
Brides and grooms must feel that when they say the vows, they are not just reciting poetry but crossing a boundary.
The new policy on VOWs will make it possible for real estate consumers across America to see virtually the same information about residential property that professionals use,'' NAR President Cathy Whatley, owner of Buck & Buck, Inc.
The Light and the Order take Garrett's de facto vows as binding even though his only choice was between belonging to the Light and walking into Helprin's guns.
There can't be many New Year's Eves that he can remember, but for reformed hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne, December 31 2002, will always be special, as he and wife Sharon welcomed in 2003 by renewing their marriage vows.