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1. A curved roof structure spanning an area; often spherical in shape.
2. A square prefabricated pan form; used in two-way joist (waffle) concrete floor construction.
3. A vault substantially hemispherical in shape, but sometimes slightly pointed or bulbous; a ceiling of similar form. also see geodesic dome and saucer dome.
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About five months later, Waffle Love started consistently hitting the 100 waffles mark.
Waffle House waffles are made with sweet cream or buttermilk, vanilla, eggs and pure Pioneer flour.
Start to finish: 10 minutes, not including cooking waffles
Van's Natural Foods offers several vegan products, including Gluten Free French Toast Sticks; Cinnamon, Gluten Free Pancakes; Totally Original, Organic Waffles; Flax, Organic Waffles; Blueberry, Organic Waffles; Totally Natural, 8 Whole Grain Waffles; Multigrain, plus many more varieties of waffles.
Peach, strawberry, and blueberry waffles are simple to make, and with the addition of ice cream or whipped cream, you have a quick dessert.
These waffles are not only functional, but they also taste awesome
Waffles have been present in the world's collective culinary history, dating back to Ancient Greece.
Cinnamon waffles Ingredients For the toffee sauce 25g butter 75g dark soft brown sugar 120ml double cream 15ml (1 tbsp) golden syrup.
Also known as Liege waffles, Unique Belgique Authentic Peal Sugar Waffles are baked with pearl-shaped sugar crystals that provide a unique, crunchy-sweet texture and are surprisingly sweeter than the traditional Belgian waffle.
We are really excited about this integrated promotion for Waffles and Soft Serve," said Tim Hawley, vice president of marketing communications for International Dairy Queen.
A specialist waffle and pancake maker from Staffordshire no longer claims to produce the fastest waffles in the West after its products proved a hit in the Middle East.