wagon house

wagon shed, wagon house

A structure, separate from a main building such as a church, once used as a temporary shelter for horse-drawn wagons before the use of automobiles; usually had at least one open side so that the wagons could be driven directly into the shed without having to open doors.
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Tied to the nostalgic tramway, a wagon house named 'Stage for you' also the name of a 'musical' performed twice every week run on the rails of the tramway.
Built in 1902 as the original warehouse and wagon house for the Siegel Cooper department store, 249 West 17th Street has 14-17 foot ceiling heights, 35-foot column spans and 9-foot windows.
The Wagon House, Heligan, Cornwall The Lost Gardens of Heligan are one of Britain's most beautiful gardens, and the Wagon House is one of the original farm buildings on the estate.
Be first at Lost Gardens when you stay The Wagon House, Heligan Newtonmill House in Angus even has a revolving summer house in its stunning gardens