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see pipitpipit,
common name for a group of chiefly Eurasian and African birds that together with the wagtails constitute a subfamily of songbirds related to the Old World warblers and thrushes. Pipits are trim, slender birds with thin, pointed bills.
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parting slip, midfeather, wagtail

A long thin strip of wood in the box jamb of a cased frame which separates the sash weights from each other; also called a parting strip, parting bead.


any of various passerine songbirds of the genera Motacilla and Dendronanthus, of Eurasia and Africa, having a very long tail that wags when the bird walks: family Motacillidae
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Another theory speculates that the constant tail dipping is a ruse to provoke a potential predator into launching an attack, only for the quite fast-flying wagtail to make a heroic escape.
Carver Simon O'Rourke (above) and Collin Singer and Louise Wilson of Wagtail UK want Welsh Government politicians to spend more time visiting businesses
Earlier Moat's last-known hideout was found near Wagtail Farm along with a letter address to Miss Stobbart.
What I was looking at were not dandelions but several yellow wagtails which are summer visitors from the African continent that spend the summer in pastures, meadows, riversides and arable fields, and usually near freshwater.
The EUR50 million scheme means that many of O'Connell Street's trees are being felled - forcing the unique city centre flock of pied wagtails to find somewhere else to roost.
The court heard that the assault took place in Wagtail Way on August 28 last year following a driver dispute on the A27 between Fareham and Portchester.
Rachel Roberts from Wagtail UK told the Daily Post: "Our training is reward based so our dogs always get rewards so every day feels like Christmas to them.
Wagtail UK s Live Body Detection Dogs are trained to detect the presence of human scent concealed in or on freight and vehicles leaving Northern France bound for the UK.
Birds such as the Siberian Crane, Greater Flamingo, Ruff, Black-winged Stilt, Common Teal, Common Greenshank, Northern Pintail, Wagtail, Wagtail, Northern Shoveler, Rosy Pelican and Gadwall, usually migrate to wetlands in India.
On Saturday, on Curlew and Wagtail, Mark Longhurst, Woodlands Tackle, topped a field of 20 with 120lb 15oz of carp on corn at six metres from Wagtail 10.
The report also claims that species classified as "critically endangered" in Wales, including the golden plover, twite and yellow wagtail, face extinction in Wales by 2015 unless there is urgent conservation action.
Wagtail UK's Louise Wilson and Collin Singer picked up the Women into Business Award and Businessperson of the Year trophy at the Saughton Hall ceremony.