wall bed

wall bed, recess bed

A bed which folds and stands vertically when not in use, usually swung into a closet or recess; esp. used in apartment houses.
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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Both Side Guard Wall Bed Lining, Outlets And Repair Of Damage Structures Of Talab Distributary In Between Rd 00 To 650 M.
A distinguishing feature of his concept: Every unit would be a studio apartment, with a Murphy-style wall bed.
transFORM will be displaying their newest installation, a Custom Multifunctional Built-in Wall Bed with Media Center.
The room has a wall bed and two wardrobes for her clothing.
Prices range from $3,000 for a simple wall bed and desk to $20,000 for a custom project with extensive cabinetry.
This is an attractive furnished first-floor self-contained studio apartment, with a wall bed, allocated parking space and 24-hour concierge.
His changes - on show at the Ideal Home Show which opens today at Earl's Court, West London - pack in a compact bike rack, a walk-through kitchen, stowaway dining table, a wall bed and a home gym.
If your spare room doubles up as your home office, then a desk to wall bed conversion might solve a lot of problems.
With so many families needing a home office, the wall bed is the perfect solution for converting this space to a quick and comfortable bedroom retreat,'' Marino said.
If you have a less restrictive budget then you could ideally have a bespoke wall bed designed.
It should be noted that the concealed wall bed is electronically controlled - for greatest effect.
This home office, near the entry, can become a temporary guest bedroom, thanks to a wall bed tucked into the cabinet behind the desk.