wall rail

wall handrail

A rail, 1 similar to a handrail, but attached to a wall adjacent to a stair, paralleling the pitch of the flight.
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It's called the Hampshire tap rail or the Hampshire wall rail.
Lastly, a relatively inconspicuous entry, the 1988 Prototype Double Mounted Wall Rail (a blue-gray object hung high on the wall), refers to Gillick's own history of being preoccupied with the relations between reductive sculptural aesthetics, architectural design, and art's contextual and spatial frame.
Former residents at The Savoy Hotel have included Marilyn Monroe and (facing page, left to right) author Noel Coward, artist Claude Monet and movie star John Wayne; A chromium plated circular wall rail with central 'S' monogram.
Optional panel finishes include polished chrome and brass, and optional elements include wall rail coupler to add panels to an existing sign.
My father - bent nearly double with osteoporosis, hanging onto the wall rail while wandering the halls in search of his cane, his wife, his misplaced life - had continued, Job-like, to trust.
90% of National's product series earn advanced indoor air quality certification including, casegoods, seating, conference and occasional tables, wall rail solutions, storage, media cabinets and dividers.
Go along the cabin, pneumatic tube taped-resistant material, railing on the roof of the cab provides the opportunity to hold up the transition to the bow of the, the aft cabin wall rail allows spilled on the roof of the car;
Contract notice: Supply And Installation Of Horizontal Wall Rails Assistive Devices For The Medical Devices And Medical Accessories For The New Sanitary Building Chdb
Alternatively, saucepans and utensils can be hung from wooden or metal hanging or wall rails to get them out of the way If your kitchen has high ceilings and you're happy to change the wall units, invest in extra tall ones.
The resident's bedrails, privacy cubicles, wall rails and room hardware are but a few of such hot spots.
These rooms receive media wall rails (WMS) with equipment rails (GS) mounted underneath the WMS,
Ceiling service units for 27 nursing and treatment rooms, a diverse media wall rails.