Wall Rock

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wall rock

[′wȯl ¦räk]
Rock that encloses a vein.

Wall Rock


mountain rock lying directly against a layer or vein of mineral ore. Wall rock is called the roof or floor of a deposit when in a sloping or gently inclined position; it is called the hanging or lying side when it is on a steep incline. The properties and condition of the wall rock influence the selection of the system of extracting minerals, as well as the technical-economic indexes of the construction and exploitation of mining enterprises.

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The fractal model could be applied for defining sulfidic mineralized zones, especially high accumulation of sulfide minerals from the wall rocks, or from the background, based on data obtained from IP/RS exploration.
Table 1: Threshold values obtained by using N-S model based on Chargeability (mV/V) in Shadan deposit Zone Threshold Range (mV/V) (mV/V) Wall rocks -- 0-4.
Radius' historic sampling indicates that the veins and their oxidized wall rocks have the potential to host significant gold mineralization.
Veins and/or wall rock stockwork and breccia zones were intersected in most holes confirming what was seen and suspected from the surface trenching completed last year.
Samples Z-3 and Z-4 were taken from the wall rocks adjacent to the main Solaga vein.
These consist of grab samples of quartz veins and enclosing wall rocks, and also of rejects brought to the surface by artisinal miners.
A key finding was that, as suspected, significant gold values continue into the wall rocks of the veins opening up potential for a bulk tonnage target.
The wall rocks associated with the quartz veins are also known to carry significant gold grades.
Fine disseminated mineralization (5% pyrrhotine-arsenopyrite with traces of chalcopyrite) is developed within the quartz veinlets and veins and their wall rocks.
The results indicate that the unmined portions of the Canton vein are likely to be high grade and that potentially economic gold grades continue into the vein wall rocks.
Both are included within an andesite host rock, illite-muscovite-adularia in ore and wall rocks, tetrahedrite and copper-lead-zinc associated with the gold-silver, and a similar silver/gold ratio of 25/1, according to a NI- 43-101 Technical Report completed by Qualified Persons Donald G.
Pila's sampling indicates that the oxidized wall rocks have the potential to host significant gold mineralization.