wall siding

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drop siding
A finish covering on the exterior walls of a building in the form of a series of horizontal strips or boards; made of such cladding materials as wood or aluminum. The strips are usually applied horizontally with an overlap to provide resistance against the penetration of water. Also see bevel siding, bungalow siding, clapboard, colonial siding, drop siding, flush siding, German siding, lap siding, matched siding, novelty siding, rabbeted siding, rustic siding, shingles, shiplap siding, vertical siding, weather slating.
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FY 17-18: Main Hangar west wall siding replacement ($80,900) FY 18-19: T-Hangars 5600 & 5620 Rehabilitation project (TBD) FY 19-20: Main Hangar north wall lower section siding and window replacement ($120,000)
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Pay Loaders For Mechanical Transfer Of Coal Into Railway Wagons At Surakacchar Wharf Wall Siding Korba Area.
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Tipper For Transportation Of Coal 180000Tonn From Pinoura Chp/Ground Loading To Wharf Wall Siding, Nowrozabad 500Tpd For A Period Of 12 Month.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of tippers for transportation of coal from surakachhar 5&6 mines to surakachhar wharf wall siding and hiring of payloader for mechanical transfer of coal in to tippers from stock yard of surakachhar 5&6 mine, banki sub area, korba area.