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Aided sound-field testing with warble tone stimuli at an 85-dB HL presentation level yielded the following scores:
At the 6-month audiologic evaluation, sound-field testing with the cochlear implant functioning and with warble tone stimuli yielded responses consistent with only a mild hearing Joss.
Aided (Siemens 684 PPAO) sound-field testing with warble tone stimuli at a 50-dB HL-presentation level yielded the following scores:
The ITC-6614-DSL Check Mate adds features to any standard test set, including measurement of line voltage, loop current, percentage of battery life left and a warble tone for locating wires.
Since the SubSonic 1 has no claim, I measured its output with a Radio Shack digital SPL meter using the 100Hz 1/3 octave warble tone (-20 dB) on Track 24 of the Stereophile Test CD (STPH 002-2, 1990).
Using a test disc that contains 1/ 3-octave warble tones, I found the 205s responded solidly in my room down to 63 Hz, with a graceful fall off in response below that point; by 31.
I measured the speaker both in-room and outside using several techniques: near-field bass measurement of the woofer and port, 1-meter frequency response sweeps using 1/12 octave FFT, and warble-tones using sine wave and warble tones measured with a precision SPL meter.