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But on Teesside the people overseeing the distribution of the Government's Warm Front cash said it was being directed effectively.
We set a strategic objective to diversify away from Warm Front.
A spokesman for Eaga said the waiting time was due to the popularity of the Warm Front scheme but that the company tries to resolve issues as soon as possible.
The firm will know more about potential job losses early next year, but insists it has done a lot to diversify its contracts to reduce dependency on Warm Front.
The company said: "Until we have completed detailed discussions with DECC [Department of Energy and Climate Change] on the operational delivery of Warm Front from next year we cannot comment further at this stage.
For years, nobody checked if work quoted for by Warm Front installers and paid for by the taxpayer was actually done - or even needed doing in the first place.
Warm Front is the Government's main grant funded programme for tackling fuel poverty and is targeted at vulnerable households, particularly those with children under four and adults over 60, helping them to cut their energy bills.
The Spending Review also confirmed that Warm Front would be phased out as part of the transition to the Green Deal.
The Warm Front grant is expected to go up from pounds 2,700 to pounds 3,500 following a Daily Mirror campaign.
To qualify for a Warm Front grant householders need to own their own home or rent from a private landlord.
It's a shame that many people are missing out on the benefits, which the Warm Front grant provides.
The Newcastle-based company, which provides the Warm Front scheme, had initially sought 150 volunteers but more came forward from its 5,000-strong workforce based in the UK, Ireland, India and Canada.