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a wild pig, Phacochoerus aethiopicus, of southern and E Africa, having heavy tusks, wartlike protuberances on the face, and a mane of coarse hair



(Pacochoerus), a genus of nonruminant eventoed ungulates of the swine family (suidae). on the sides of the head the males have warty skin excrescences (hence its name, warthog). The length of the body, exclusive of the tail, is 1.5–1.9 m, and the height at the shoulders is 65–85 cm. The body is covered with a sparse bristle. In the upper jaw are large upward-curving tusks. One species, P. aethiopicus, is found only in Africa (south of the Sahara). It is a primarily nocturnal animal, living in small herds in forest, shrub, and coastal thickets. It feeds on vegetable and animal food. It is hunted for its meat and skin.

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sonrai in ASF (12): presence of this tick in domestic pig buildings and warthog habitats, its probability of contact with domestic pigs and warthogs, and its natural infection with ASFV.
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