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baseboard, mopboard, scrubboard, skirting board, washboard

A flat projection from an interior wall or partition at the floor, covering the joint between the floor and wall and protecting the wall from kicking, mopping, etc. It may be plain or molded; a base, 4.
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Lyons is also represented by the recent debut winner eer but Seeking Luck, but Washboard Sam makes more appeal.
And there was a wicked grin as he played washboard on Central Two-O-Nine, from the Band Of Joy album, placing his foot, rock star-style, on his amp and flourishing the board like a guitar.
Maintainer, motor patrol, road grader--no matter what you call it, the only cure for the washboard blues is a good grading.
Buddy Hefley, It's Mailing Wrangler plays a washtub bass, not the mythical washboard bass.
The corrugated metal wall finishes are also very distinct; the nation's last supplier of washboards for laundry provided tightly lined "washboard tin" for the purpose.
The research described in "Road Bumps: Why dirt roads develop a washboard surface" (SN: 8/]8/07, p.
Look, I have a washboard back,' '' Shandling reports.
Abby--the shorter, wiry one who sort of looks like Jennifer Jason Leigh--plays acoustic guitar and usually sings lead; Amanda--the tall, modelesque one with the Louise Brooks bob (she actually did model for 11 years)--plays mandolin, dulcimer, and washboard and sings Naomi Judd-style alto harmonies.
An imaginative accompaniment will probably sound like an ensemble consisting of a fiddle, bass, guitar and perhaps harmonica, washboard and barnyard sound effects.
When McConaughey isn't gratuitously flaunting his washboard stomach, his comic timing is ever so slightly awry, while his co-star is too spiky to be truly adorable as a woman scarred by a previous, failed romance.
At the age of eleven my grandmother Ida was put to work, standing on a stool in front of a washboard and tub she was otherwise too small to reach.
Yeah, I used to use a washboard instead of a high hat.