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baseboard, mopboard, scrubboard, skirting board, washboard

A flat projection from an interior wall or partition at the floor, covering the joint between the floor and wall and protecting the wall from kicking, mopping, etc. It may be plain or molded; a base, 4.
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The reward, for anyone prepared to lend them to the sorry pair, will be a pair of panto tickets per washboard.
The player concerned is Gerard Bagot of the French quartet Paris Washboard and the combo are guests at the Saville Exchange, North Shields a week tonight.
From the Monday leading up to the big event, there will be a free exhibition of skiffle ephemera at the Bluecoat cafe with a bigger display on the day itself, even featuring a washboard.
Now, a team of physicists has explained why a washboard forms, and their research has a dispiriting message for road crews: Scrape often, or give up.
Children can pump water, pan for gold and wash clothes on washboards.
The Louisiana-born, Grammy Award-winning Ida and her band will perform their world famous music on accordions, harmonicas, fiddles and washboards at 5:30 p.
Ah yes, to have lived in the good old days, when butter was churned by hand and homemade clothes were scrubbed clean on washboards.
Step inside the Cleaner by Nature shop on Wilshire Boulevard, past the window display of antique washboards, dried flowers and green plants to racks of clean clothes on hangers.
Festival organizer Dorian Keysor said about 500 performers took to the stage, playing everything from washboards to iced-tea spoons.
Her students love the old-fashioned bathtubs and washing tubs with washboards.