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lavatory, 4
lavatory, 1
lavabo: Abbey of Valmagne
1. A basin with water supply and drainage piping, for washing the hands and face; a washbasin.
2. A room containing a washbasin and a water closet, but not a bathtub; a powder room.
3. Same as toilet, 2 or
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Women on the Second Floor had their choice of two bathrooms, one with a tub, the other with two showers; there were plenty of big washbowls.
He'd just gone out with his washbowl and picked a likely piece of ground.
As noted above, Wilkins & Moore described this crater as a 'very shallow crater within which is a minute central pit, like a plug-hole, the whole strongly resembling a washbowl.
Draw round the bottom of the washbowl to make a template, then find the centre of your worktop and draw out the sink shape using a marker pen.
None of the DIY store units seem to be very big and I would like plenty of shelf area around the washbowl.
8 chairs/1 facial room/5 nail stations, 3 spa pedicure & 3 washbowls.
Their exhibit features flotation devices built from plastic bottles and fishing nets, and washbowls that serve as lifeboats.
The design of sanitaryware will lean more towards soft shapes and round curves, with washbasins that are free from an overflow hole and ceramic slab washbowls in favour of deep bowls.
Old bedsprings twisted with heat; puddles of molten glass; washbowls that had fallen through to the foundations; a flight of stone steps leading up to thin air; twisted pipes; lots of nails lying everywhere and a few charred bemires.
Basij is at the highest level of preparedness and the US aircraft carries are nothing but washbowls, and the US can do no damn thing," Commander of Iran's Basij Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi told reporters.
One of the two plants in Vietnam will be built in the Hanoi suburbs to produce 500 tons of washbowls and other products a month for local use, while the other plant will be set up near Ho Chi Minh City to make tiles at a monthly rate of 100,000 square meters, Ryuichi Kawamoto said at a press conference.
And I only wish the food had been half as nice as the sparkling toilets which featured shiny glass washbowls, fresh linen towels and a turbo hand-dryer.