waste compactor

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compactor, 1
1. A machine that uses weight, vibration, or a combination of both, to achieve compaction.
2. A motor-driven machine (usually having one or more rams) which reduces the volume of waste material by subjecting it to pressure and forces it into a removable container.
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The purpose of the contract is the supply and installation of two overhead cranes and a waste compactor, and the joint contract for the drafting of the executive project and the execution of the work to extend the waste pit space in the energy recovery plant.
Its waste compactors trucks in Jebel Ali benefit from the new bio-diesel plant.
The prison service said that the broken waste compactor was "swiftly fixed".
Zena says: A waste compactor can reduce rubbish to 25 per cent of its original volume by compressing it in a special machine.
On Wednesday DP Haulage Ltd on the same estate was attacked and 500 pallets with recycled paper, their waste compactor and trailers totally destroyed at a cost of more than pounds 20,000.
A fan cools the plastic to keep it from melting and simultaneously draws it into a waste compactor.
Imdaad's new station has a capacity of 17,000 litres and is used to power its large fleet of waste compactor trucks and service support vehicles with biodiesel, which is derived from food waste.
Affirming its commitment to playing an active role in UAE's sustainability drive, Imdaad, a Dubai-based integrated facilities management (FM) solutions provider with a strong presence in the GCC, has launched a new biofuel station in Dubai, which will provide an eco-friendly source of fuel to run Imdaad's waste compactor trucks.
A bill sponsored by Navajo Nation Council Speaker LoRenzo Bates would provide money to pay San Juan County the full cost of operating three solid waste compactor and transfer stations located on tribal land.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 7, 2015-ParkerGale Acquires Waste Compactor Monitoring Specialist OnePlus
It took around 45 minutes for workers to free him from the wall, where he was trapped by the door of a waste compactor.