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Reconfiguring the pipework is one thing, but altering the waste pipe for the toilet can be a far bigger deal, especially if you want to move it on the exterior of the building.
We recommended that the full run be replaced with a 100mm diameter underground drain pipe, starting with a sealed internal gully next to the sink which would take the short 35mm diameter sink waste pipe.
Where waste pipes discharge into the gully below the grid, or where soil and dirt has been swept down a gully, the bend at the bottom may block.
A good old fashioned sink plunger will come in handy when a sink, bath or basin waste pipe is blocked.
Householders should: know where their stop tap is in case of problems insulate water tanks and pipes in unheated areas stop draughts as a cold draught may be enough to freeze a pipe keep the boiler well serviced repair dripping taps and faulty washers to stop waste pipes freezing leave the heating on low if you are away from home.
It does this by sophisticatedly designed fittings and a spaghetti of waste pipes connecting to the drains.
They work by grinding food and scraps down into fine particles, small enough to be flushed away through normal waste pipes.
The owner tried to get the fire under control but failed to save his garden furniture and waste pipes, which melted in the blaze, as well as washing hanging on the line.
Q: I recently had to cut back two roses, both 35 years old, which I had grown to cover waste pipes on the house wall.
Activists from the Neptun Foundation anchored their former Coastguard vessel next to waste pipes belonging to the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria in an bid to stop technetium-99 being pumped into the sea.
Tenders are invited for Structural repairs comprises of jacketing of column, restoration of structural members repairs, internal & external plaster, repairs to balconies, replacement of damaged rain water, soil waste pipes and aesthetic improvement i/c external painting.