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paper and cardboard products that have been used; also the paper waste products of printing shops, mills producing office paper supplies, and the like. Wastepaper is used at paper mills as a secondary raw material.

After preliminary cleaning, the wastepaper supplied to paper and cardboard mills is made into fibrous pulp (slurry). The pulp is then cleaned, concentrated, and sent to a cardboard or paper machine.

The recycling of wastepaper is very important for the economy: wood is saved and the cost of the finished product is lowered. Wastepaper is 1.5-2.5 times less expensive than conventional wood pulp. One ton of utilized wastepaper saves approximately 4 cu m of wood. The wastepaper reclaimed in some countries (such as the Netherlands, Japan, and the Federal Republic of Germany) accounts for 50 percent of the total quantity of required paper production.


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United Nations Development Programme in Belarus anticipates issuing a corresponding ITB for the procurement, installation and commissioning of basic and auxiliary equipment, automatic process control systems for pulp and recirculated pulpwater cleaning, storage and transportation for the office paper production from wastepaper on a turnkey basis, Borisov, Republic of Belarus.
The house is 100% smoke damaged but luckily the fire damage was confined to the over heated power socket and the wastepaper bin.
The ones outside the betting shops constantly have the small blue pens dumped in them and many have take-away wrappers in them amongst other things, even though some of them are standing alongside wastepaper bins.
The study uses the Robiniapseudoacacia/ wastepaper composite particle board and research the technological parameter in order to discovering the feasibility of the experiments.
El Motaheda will create an estimated 300 direct manufacturing jobs and a further 550 indirect jobs through the collection and transport of wastepaper.
The plant will use recycled fiber from local wastepaper as the main raw material to produce duplex board used in product packaging.
Light sensors, individually controlled fan units, waterless urinals and office wastepaper baskets being replaced by recycling bins are just some initiatives that have helped the NEC Group reduce its carbon footprint.
Tokyo, Mar 18, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited today announced that it will introduce a nationwide paper recycling system on April 1 to process ordinary and confidential wastepaper disposed of by offices of Fujitsu Group companies in Japan.
Paper production costs increased in the twelve-month period of 2008 compared to the same period in 2007 due to higher wastepaper prices of approximately 20% and higher natural gas prices of approximately 17% during the same period.
In its Bin the Bin initiative, more than 200 wastepaper bins have been replaced by six central recycling units.
It is invaluable for re-using when shopping or filling with rubbish to dispose of in the grey bin - thus minimising smells - or for lining wastepaper baskets and carrying wet swimming tackle etc.
THE reports on rebuilding the city centre made no mention of a concert hall or a similar building, so I hope the LA company Jerde Partnership can build us a replica of the Hollywood Bowl to begin with, before this lot ends up in the wastepaper bin