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Watchtowers are associated with the four directions—east, south, west, and north— in the Wiccan ritual Circle. They are etheric, symbolical structures set up to guard the Circle during the rites. The ceremony of erecting and consecrating the Circle contains reference to the Guardians of the Watchtowers. In some Wiccan traditions these guardians are equated with the magical elementals of sylphs (east = air), salamanders (south = fire), undines (west = water), and gnomes (north = earth). In other traditions, there is no specific naming or identifying of the guardians.

According to Grimassi, in ancient Rome small towers were built at the joining roads of a crossroads and an altar placed before each tower. On these altars offerings were made to Nature spirits in the form of the Lares, or Compitales. The Lares were originally placed where two fields joined, since they were protectors of agriculture, but later they were also placed at crossroads.

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Ras Baalbek is home to the headquarters of the 2nd Land Border Regiment, which operates the watchtowers in the northern Bekaa.
Trevor Smith, left, of Coastwatch Redcar with James Wilson of EDF Energy Renewables at the watchtower
All over Sana'a, families struggling to get by have sought shelter in the old watchtowers.
The ensuing sequences of the two characters in the watchtower confirm there is a capable and meticulous director behind the camera who sensitively sews a multilayered universe in which emotions of guilt, disgust, compassion and catharsis mold together through the dynamics of these two individuals.
Vivien Jones at the watchtower she opened metres from where her late husband moored his boat Drowned fisherman Maldwyn Jones, 60 (top), and the search for his body in 2008 (above)
However, owners and trainers plying their trade at this level should not be worried that the sheikh has suddenly decided that he has a fondness for claimers - Watchtower has been immediately retired.
The MoD bunker in Tendring, Essex, also comes with a concrete watchtower.
THE PENNSYLVANIA-based publisher of the Jehovah's Witness magazine The Watchtower is suing a Canadian Web site, quotes.
The scene is embedded in a large, panoramic view of suburban front gardens whose wide-angled overlook uncomfortably simulates a watchtower perspective.
Leaders: Governing Body at Watchtower World Headquarters in Brooklyn; Lay elders (always male) in local Kingdom Halls.
Approaching the former fishing village, founded in the 18th century on a sandbar at the end of Massachusetts's Cape Cod, I chuckled in awe at the crown of white steeples, the rustic wharves, and the looming stone watchtower on the horizon.
Any translation will be acceptable except the New World Translation published by the Watchtower organisation.