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Watchtowers are associated with the four directions—east, south, west, and north— in the Wiccan ritual Circle. They are etheric, symbolical structures set up to guard the Circle during the rites. The ceremony of erecting and consecrating the Circle contains reference to the Guardians of the Watchtowers. In some Wiccan traditions these guardians are equated with the magical elementals of sylphs (east = air), salamanders (south = fire), undines (west = water), and gnomes (north = earth). In other traditions, there is no specific naming or identifying of the guardians.

According to Grimassi, in ancient Rome small towers were built at the joining roads of a crossroads and an altar placed before each tower. On these altars offerings were made to Nature spirits in the form of the Lares, or Compitales. The Lares were originally placed where two fields joined, since they were protectors of agriculture, but later they were also placed at crossroads.

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With the chain of mountains separating Lebanon and Syria draped with snow, the wind that whipped off the peaks gathered force while one Army officer led the way up the steps to the top of the Dhour Wadi al-Tineh watchtower.
NetherRealm hasn't revealed when Sub-Zero and Strarfire will be available, but did say that both might have their own Watchtower livestream session.
Victor Ortega, allotted P500,000 for the restoration of the Carlatan watchtower.
Critique: A fascinating read from beginning to end, "Wall, Watchtower, and Pencil Stub: Writing During World War II" is an informed and informative history of how the literature arising from the pens of the men and women who lived through it had a profound and enduring impact upon American popular culture.
Coun Susan Dungworth, council policy board member for adult care and public health, said: "The Northstar Centre's photography group is filled with talented members and I'm pleased their photographs are getting the recognition they deserve by being displayed in the Watchtower Gallery.
Wylie, who experienced this firsthand while growing up in Belfast, became curious about the physical structures of surveillance, the ubiquitous watchtowers and fortifications built to protect citizens.
Trevor Smith, Coastwatch Redcar chairman, said: "The watchtower is no longer fit for purpose and needs replacing urgently.
Abdulkareem Al-Barati, who works as a soldier in a military brigade and is the family's breadwinner, said that he moved into the nawbat two decades ago when he noticed that it was no longer being used as a watchtower.
And after they rebuild the watchtower they will make the wooden gym horse used to cover the secret trapdoor where the prisoners made their getaway.
Stringer announced a $1 million allocation that will complete the preservation of the historic Fire Watchtower in Harlem's Marcus Garvey park--the last such 19th century structure standing in New York City.
Then there is someone else, too, who has chosen a life of isolation: Nihat (Olgun E[currency]imE-ek), a silent but soft-natured man, arrives in the town to take the post of forest guard, which will require him to stay in a watchtower atop the highest hill in the forest.
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