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water boatman:

see water bugwater bug,
name for a large number of water-living bugs, comprising several families of the order Hemiptera (true bugs). All have jointed, sharp, sucking beaks, breathe air, and undergo gradual metamorphosis (see insect).
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THE EYES HAVE IT: Frogs and toads will soon move in on the garden pool scene and colourful dragonflies and water boatmen will also arrive
Water boatmen insects and their eggs are ground up into a flour.
No water boatmen, no may fly hatch, no damsel flies and one solitary dragon fly.
At this time of year, watch out for darter dragonflies, pond skaters and water boatmen gliding the surface plus any frogs that come out to bask in the sun.
DRAGONFLIES, pond skaters and water boatmen were among the creepy crawlies lurking around during a pond-dipping session at Ryton Pools.
Naomi Hewitt, EYE Project co-ordinator, said: "If people spot any wildlife from great crested newts to water boatmen, we would like them to fill in a pond survey.
Pond dipping is a great holiday activity and bugs to watch out for are pond skaters, water boatmen, pond snails and dragonfly larvae.
Water boatmen, pond skaters and tadpoles were among the specimens examined by youngsters armed with nets on Wednesday.
The four-day programme from next Monday starts with dipping for insects like water boatmen and water scorpions.