water channel

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water channel, condensation channel

A trough-like depression in the top of the interior sill of a glazed opening to collect and drain away condensed moisture which forms on the interior face of the glass.
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The water channel which used to be filled with piles of trash, according to ABPEA pollution control officer Rhiza Montaces, is now much cleaner and has even become a habitat for shallow fish like tilapia.
Monitoring of environmental/ecological and climatological conditions around ovitrap placement environmental/ecological conditions such as vegetation cover, presence of water channel, presence of shades, cleanliness, human activity and presence of residences near the oviposition sites around each ovitrap placement site were also recorded during the study period.
The waters have breathed life into one of the major water channels in the province after its been out of service for 10 years.
It is learnt that total 9,302 fruit and wild trees will have to be cut down, 36 tube-wells and three water channels used for irrigation will be dismantled, along with flattening of 783 acres of farmland with standing crops of wheat, maize, cotton, before the beginning of construction work on the site of the power plant.
Thus, it was also decided to hold parliamentary hearings with the participation of international donors to develop the project for water channel construction in Samarkandek.
expected to release a higher amount, but the cubic phase being subjected to UV irradiation would suppress the release because HmPVA--coumarin conjugates can be photo cross-linked in the water channel (Fig.
Builders constructing private buildings near the wadi are dumping rubbles in the rain water channel, which is supposed to be free of any obstruction.
Add strong architectural elements such as a pergola, summer house and maybe a rill or water channel, using a mixture of rough and dressed tone for walls.
The toilet looks like an ordinary two-piece model, but it has an integrated air channel just above the regular water channel.
The drive unit sits in the water channel where a gas strut normally would reside.
There is also a list of water channel superintendents and chief royal architects (1566-1606).