water gardening

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water gardening:

see hydroponicshydroponics,
growing of plants without soil in water to which nutrients have been added. Hydroponics has been used for over a century as a research technique, but not until 1929 were experiments conducted solely to determine its feasibility for growing commercial crops.
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The key to water gardening, according to the Housers, is filtration - whether mechanical or natural - and a balance between nutrients produced by fish and nutrients used by plants.
The Housers see plenty of room for growth of their business, with water gardening passing $1 billion in sales nationwide in 2001 and expected to pass $1.
Serious about shaping the future of the water gardening industry, Franklin Electric has established a highly skilled and knowledgeable team that is known for pushing the envelope, thinking outside of the box and getting the job done right.
Franklin Electric is now bringing their dedication, knowledge, experience, stability and quality to a new water gardening and outdoor living program.
We are now positioned with an array of products to better serve our water gardening customers as their prime supplier.
Interestingly, a company whose product is a key component in Aquascape's popular line of water gardening systems will be a key partner in building the green roof on the Aqualand project.
water gardening manufacturer and a pioneer of natural ecosystem ponds in North America.
Beginning August 2002, TetraPond(TM) will be featured nationwide on PBS public television's three-part water gardening series on For Your Home do-it-yourself program.
Founded in 1948, Beckett Corporation is the market leader in the water gardening and water fountain industries and one of the most well-known and respected brands in the industrial pump industry.
May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Gardening hobbyists and landscape designers alike are discovering the pleasures and benefits of water gardening.
She writes a regular humor column called "Knee Deep" in Water Gardening Magazine.