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We use the comprehensive water gauge at the start of an inspection.
strong steel boiler for generating steam, built below sterilizer, mounted on aluminium enameled tubular steel stand, sterilizer fitted with protected water gauge, safety valve, pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, stem ejector for producing vacuum, etc.
All WIKA drinking water gauges have the NSF mark on the dial, along with the test standard.
TEPCO had said last week that repaired water gauges showed that fuel rods in Unit 1 at the plant had mostly melted and fallen into a lump at the bottom of the pressure vessel.
Geological Survey water gauges, is 4,000 to 5,000 cubic feet per second.
including pulse input wireless nodes enabling data acquisition from typical gas or water gauges.
I have seen the glass water gauges frozen up," wrote Rees Richards, a furnace man from Dowlais.
Conbraco), a firm devoted to the manufacturing of water gauges, safety and relief valves, gauge cocks, air cocks and other valves for the plumbing, heating and cooling industries.
quake, based on data taken after workers adjusted water gauges to accurately measure the water level inside the pressure vessel.
Vehicles, motorboats, aircraft landings and motorized equipment such as chain saws are banned, with exceptions when vehicles and equipment are needed to fight fires and install or check weather and water gauges.
Europeans and Americans value efficiency and modernity in their housing and in their vehicles, yet we Brits are trying to keep the past alive, whether it's Branson with Concorde or Fred bloody Dibnah (that 3-D Andy Capp who ejaculates over spondle threads and water gauges and works all day with rivets, yet is never rivetting himself).