water hog

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water hog:

see capybaracapybara
, mammal of Central and much of South America. It is the largest living member of the order Rodentia (the rodents) reaching a length of 4 ft (120 cm) and a weight of 75 to 100 lb (34–45 kg).
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My spies tell me the Wizard has actually noticed the manufacturer's address on his beloved water hog and realised it was made in Cardiff in his native Wales.
Ten clubs have applied for the water hog, bringing the total to almost half the number in the league, and perhaps their decisions have been influenced by a rule change brought in at this year's annual meeting.
For laboratories, it's extremely difficult to accomplish LEED Platinum because they're the biggest energy and water hogs you can build.
Reducing water use It's true that the earliest low flow plumbing fixtures had caused problems for some but today's versions are as good, if not better than old water hogs.
The board members targeted for recall have accused the recall committee of consisting of "profit-driven Realtors, pro-annexation developers, commercial users and water hogs.
Water Hogs recently obtained by Norley Hall and Burscough mopped up both grounds and enabled the Wigan outfit to move to the top of the table.
Keeping tabs is an advantage in a desert city where humans sometimes view trees as water hogs, even though, once established, properly selected trees survive without irrigation and therefore use less water.
Since the launch of the initiative SWALEC has helped 43 clubs invest in everything from water hogs, which to mop up rainwater , cover sheets, sight screens and score boxes.
County have also used water hogs from the Celtic Manor and have now taken another step by hiring a 'blotter' machine, designed to deal directly with the problem of standing water on the pitch.
Midland imposed sharp restrictions on outdoor watering and hiked rates, albeit temporarily, on water hogs.