Water Jacket

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water jacket

[′wȯd·ər ‚jak·ət]
A casing for circulation of cooling water.

Water Jacket


a cavity that surrounds the parts of machinery and equipment (internal-combustion engines, metallurgical furnaces, and so on) that are exposed to intense heat and that is designed to contain a circulating liquid coolant. To avoid clogging of the water jacket by hard-to-remove deposits, the water used for cooling is sometimes subjected to preliminary purification and softening.

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Asbestos-coated twine was originally used to seal the front and rear of the water jacket.
The barrel should be covered with a light grease when it's installed in the water jacket.
The check valve used in the lower thermosiphoning line that runs from the drum to the lower water jacket inlet is important, and keeps the heated water from backing up in an opposite direction from what we want.
If you cannot find a suitable water jacket, see the sketch for a homemade one.
It may be that you are unable to place a water jacket inside your heater or stove, so I have also shown a way to use copper tubing on the flue to absorb heat.
The diameter of the water jacket was reduced and the capacity diminished from eight to six pints.
Sometimes a small circular armor steel plate was installed in front of the water jacket between the muzzle booster and the flash hider.
Its air-cooled jacket was replaced by a crudely repaired water jacket.
The cylinder heads, which feature dual water jackets, are capable of firing pressures approaching 2,600 psi.
The impact that product features like these have on the foundry can best be explained by looking at the water jacket core.
Finally, these head bolt bosses and the oil drain hole bosses induce additional heat load to the less robust water jacket core.
In addition to accurate and rigid location of these six cores, the keyed assembly provides the foundation for installing the side cores, water jacket cores, water pump core and water inlet core.