water pepper

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Red-stemmed plant with pointy leaves and thin cone or light colored greenish or pink flowers at top of stem. Leaf tea used for internal bleeding, menstruation, uterus problems, blood in urine. Leaves contain Rutin, which strengthens capillaries. Pain reliever. Hot peppery pungent taste. Contains oils that may irritate skin. Grows in moist areas. SMARTWEED MARSHPEPPER (Polygonum hydropiper) Very hot, peppery, spicy. Leaves or stems can be eaten raw or cooked. Seeds can be used as pepper substitute. Astringent, bleeding, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, strengthens capillaries, anti-inflammatory. Thin pointy edible leaves, cluster of pink flowers on vertical stem.
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In conclusion, this study indicates that neem (ethanol), 5-leaved chaste tree (ethanol), sweet sop (acetone), water pepper (acetone), banyan (ethanol), and crown flower (acetone) extracts were the most effective extracts tested against A.
Common name Scientific name Solvent Dose (family) (mg/L) Neem/Margosa Azadirachta indica (Meliaceae) Ethanol 500 400 Acetone 500 400 Five-leaved Vitex negundo (Lamiaceae) Ethanol 500 chaste tree 400 Acetone 500 400 Sweet sop Annona squamosa (Annonaceae) Ethanol 500 400 Acetone 500 400 Oleander Nerium indicum (Apocynaceae) Ethanol 500 400 Acetone 500 400 China box Buxus sinica (Buxaceae) Ethanol 500 400 Acetone 500 400 Water pepper Polygonum hydropiper (Polygonaceae) Ethanol 500 400 Acetone 500 400 Banyan Ficus benghalensis (Moraceae) Ethanol 500 400 Acetone 500 400 Crown flower Calotropis gigantea (Apocynaceae) Ethanol 500 400 Acetone 500 400 Control Mortality ([+ or -] SE, %) at hours of application (a) Common name 6 12 18 Neem/Margosa 100 a -- -- 77.