water spotting

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water spotting, white spots

White marks which are left on a paint film when droplets of water evaporate, or as a result of sealing in moisture.
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Examples include loss of gloss, chalking, blistering, acid etch and water spotting, cracking, lifting, peeling, fading, and corrosion.
For optimized wafer drying, the system can use either the conventional IPA dryer or its state-of-the-art Stack Dual-chamber Dryer (SD2) to virtually eliminate water spotting and provide particle and metal performance that exceeds technology roadmap requirements for 0.
The new formula, independently tested, achieved an excellent rating on key quality markers such as washability, scrub resistance, water spotting and hide (coverage), to name a few.
also offers SunClean(R), the first self-cleaning glass product that uses "photocatalysis" to repel dirt and "hydrophalicity" to rinse clean without streaking or water spotting.
It was first thought that acid etch was initiated by water spotting and that etching was a slow process.
Depending on the quality of water in your area, there are glass treatments available to eliminate water spotting on shower doors.
The term water spotting covers changes in the surface appearance of a coating resulting from the action of water standing on the paint film or substrate.
Examples of defects caused by weathering include blistering, water spotting, acid etch, cracking and spalling, delamination, fading and other color changes, and corrosion.
Examples of the former include loss of gloss, blistering, water spotting, acid etch, most cracking and checking, delamination, fading and other color changes, and corrosion.