water strider

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water strider:

see water bugwater bug,
name for a large number of water-living bugs, comprising several families of the order Hemiptera (true bugs). All have jointed, sharp, sucking beaks, breathe air, and undergo gradual metamorphosis (see insect).
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An experimental study on the effects of predation risk and feeding regime on the mating behavior of the water strider.
Phylogeny and taxonomy of water striders, genus Aquarius Schellenberg (Insecta, Hemiptera, Gerridae), with a new species from Australia.
5 inches, despite weighing as much as 1,100 water striders.
One bad strider One hyperaggressive male water strider can spoil success for the whole bunch.
Mitochondrial introgression is restricted relative to nuclear markers in a water strider (Hemiptera: Gerridae) hybrid zone.
2) A rough surface mimicking the microstructure found on the legs of the water strider was created by depositing tiny amounts of silver nitrate.
We could try to catch some food for the water strider.
Trying to get all he knows into print means that the author sometimes skips over the surface like a water strider instead of diving deep and exploring the layers.
Some insects, like the water strider, can actually walk on water because their weight doesn't break through this skin of surface tension.
Do make waves" might be the motto of the ever-amorous water strider, which lives not in water but on it, and communicates with significant others by sending wavelets of telltale frequencies rippling through the surface film.
In some water strider species, males have the advantage and are able to mate often.
Water strider - Frequently the first aquatic macroinvertebrate encountered by the casual observer.