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drinking-water cooler

A factory-made assembly containing a small refrigeration system and having the primary functions of cooling potable water and dispensing such water.
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As well as the health, economic and sustainable benefits, bottle-free water-coolers provide a real convenience to any workforce.
The experienced water-cooler renegade can easily bag upwards of twenty-minutes a day nipping for drinks and relieving themselves.
NestlA Waters Powwow is buying patented water-cooler technology from Ebac, which will include the Watertrail and several other new domestic and office water-cooler products, to be launched over the next two years.
Ebac is a major supplier to the water-cooler market with one in three office water-coolers in the UK manufactured at Ebac's factory in Bishop Auckland.
He grew the business to 8,000 coolers within three years and then sold it to Nestle where he stayed as MD of their water-cooler operation until now.
By acquiring these three businesses simultaneously, we have created a national player in the fast growing office water-cooler market which we believe is well placed for continued success.
Two electric water-coolers installed in this building by the administration for employees and the visitors are in pathetic condition with expired water filters.
Since the start of the summer the company has received nearly 500 extra orders for water-coolers, taking its North-East total to around 6,000, which represents around 20pc of the market.