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(physical chemistry)
The ability of a substance to form a solution with another substance.



the ability of one substance to combine with another and form a homogeneous, thermodynamically stable system of variable composition made up of two or more components. These systems are formed upon interaction of gases with liquids, liquids with liquids, and other similar combinations. The ratios of the components to one another may be either arbitrary or restricted within certain limits. In the latter case, the solubility is said to be limited.

The solubility of a substance under given conditions is determined from the substance’s concentration in a saturated solution. The solubility of various substances in a specific solvent depends on external conditions, mainly on the temperature and pressure. The effect of pressure on solubility is most pronounced with gases. A change in external conditions affects solubility in accordance with the principle of equilibrium shift (see LECHÂTELiER’S PRINCIPLE). Solubility charts of various substances have been compiled for the most important solvents. Such charts either express solubility as a function of external conditions or simply list the solubility under standard conditions.

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The water-soluble fraction from pumpkin seed was tested in vitro (test tube cell study), and pumpkin seed extract was effective in inhibiting 5-alpha reductase activity by 50%.
Mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, agreements, collaborations & joint ventures were major developmental initiatives taken up by companies in global water-soluble fertilizers market.
In addition, colorMaker has developed naturally derived, water-soluble green colouring by adding a variety of yellow colouring to its natural blue colourant.
Cycle tests tend to be more severe than continuous wet-only tests, presumably because wet-dry cycles leach more water-soluble materials or produce more reactions such as corrosion.
According to the study, superabsorbents remain the area of highest consumption of water-soluble polymers.
The move will position Pharmgate as a major provider of finished medicated feed additives and water-soluble products to the livestock and poultry markets in the U.
Biova LLC, developers of patented Hydro5 technology for water-soluble egg membrane, has increased the standardized protein profile of its BiovaFlex ingredient to what the company claimed is a market-leading 88%.
7,507,699 B2; Reckitt Benckiser has patented a water-soluble container with a single pocket or single receptacle part that contains a hard surface cleaning composition in powder form.
ADM Natural Health and Nutrition, a global supplier of healthful ingredients derived from natural sources, has launched a truly water-soluble form of natural-source vitamin E in Europe, vitamin E 230 Clear[TM].
In separate cell studies, the USC team went on to show that catechol and hydroquinone - two water-soluble chemicals that can leach out of smoke's tars - increased the invasiveness of tumor cells by spurring the production of oxidants.
AT3022 utilizes the Company's proprietary PassPort(TM) Transdermal System, developed to deliver water-soluble small molecules, proteins, carbohydrates and oligonucleotides across the skin.
Quality parameters - Potassium-magnesium fertilizer granular- Contents K2O 40% potassium in the form of potassium chloride KCl easilysolubleMgO 6% water soluble magnesiumNa2O 3% water-soluble sodiumSO3 4% water soluble sulfur.