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see marsh antelopemarsh antelope,
name for members of a group of deerlike African antelopes, usually found in reeds or tall grasses near water. The males of this group have horns that curve back, up, and forward; females are hornless. Most marsh antelopes travel in small herds.
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As the sun approached the horizon, I consoled myself by thinking about the impala, blesbok, and waterbuck I had killed in the previous 11 days.
I spent $1,100 for a waterbuck in South Africa, but at least he was on the ground at my feet.
THIS WAS MY EIGHTH bowhunt in southern Africa, and on earlier trips I had focused on kudu, gemsbok, impala, and wart hogs, and on later trips on waterbuck and nyala.
Several smaller kudu bulls followed, then came a good waterbuck (which Fred would later harvest), and later a troop of baboons.
Sweat glands spread across the whole body secrete an oily, waterproof substance with a musky scent, so waterbucks aren't the best eating of the African antelopes.
The waterbuck was another of those nebulous African things that didn't interest me.
Just then, about 1 o'clock, a big waterbuck appeared in the brush.