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Few major artists painted in watercolour and those that did used it only occasionally.
Photography in the 18th century had not been invented and a drawing in pencil or watercolour was the only way of keeping a record, all of which explains the success of the skilled miniature painter working on ivory or polished bone, or the silhouette artist who took your likeness in black ink at a country gathering or, in the case of the most successful practioners, at a studio in a neighbouring town.
The three-month show demonstrates artists' changing attitudes towards watercolours.
Seventeen of the precious watercolours will go on display for three months from January 5.
Registration for both David's watercolour course and his polar presentation is now open.
Lely to Turner - British Drawings and Watercolours, part of Birmingham's internationally respected collection, will be on display in Gallery 16 at the Museum and Art Gallery until April 27.
Since entering their collection, the watercolour had been passed down through generations of the family.
Ballantyne never runs out of ideas for the combined collection of 18 watercolour and ink renderings of former mine sites, communities and historical buildings in the area.
He exhibits regularly with local art societies and also gives watercolour and calligraphy demonstrations.
Bring the appetite and discover why Watercolour Steakhouse and Grille, named "Best Steakhouse" for the Third Consecutive Year by Tampa Bay Magazine is captivating Floridians and guests from around the globe
Andrew teaches watercolour classes around Conwy and Denbighshire, and more details of these and his work can be found at arjentdesign.