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see paperpaper,
thin, flat sheet or tissue made usually from plant fiber but also from rags and other fibrous materials. It is used principally for printing and writing on but has many other applications. The term also includes various types of paperboard, such as cardboard and wallboard.
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a picture in a piece of paper, visible when the paper is held up to the light; it is formed during the process of making the paper.

Watermarks began to appear in Europe in the 13th century, and in Russia in the second half of the 17th century. The study of watermarks and the determination of the exact place and time of the making of a piece of paper are very important for the correct interpretation of a source.

Since 1723, Russia, following the example of other European countries, impressed watermarks on stamped paper (a depiction of the state coat of arms and the words“stamped paper”) in order to avoid counterfeiting of official documents and currency. Watermarks are usually made on paper at precise intervals, or they cover the whole field of the paper in the form of a repeated drawing or pattern. They can be used to distinguish genuine money, valuable papers and documents, and stamps from counterfeit items. Watermarks are also used as a means of ornamenting paper. The imprinting of watermarks is usually done with a dandy roll or with cylinders of a cylinder paper-making machine on a wet web of the paper.



(graphic arts)
A localized modification of the structure and opacity of a sheet of paper so that a pattern or design can be seen when the sheet is held to the light.
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The watermarked image gave a high PSNR value of 79.
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Perform l-level inverse discrete wavelet transform to get watermarked image.
For watermark extraction from watermarked image, primary watermark, U and V components of secondary watermark and host image are needed.
Digitally watermarked images extend our marketing capabilities by carrying specific marketing and promotional information as images travel through the Web, linking viewers back to our site.
Corbis will also deploy the Digimarc MarcSpider(R) image tracking service to monitor the use of its digitally watermarked images as they travel through the public Web and help identify image usage infringements.
Digimarc additionally offers Digimarc MarcSpider(R) image tracking service to enable users to monitor watermarked images as they travel through the public Web and help identify image usage infringements.