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Through this exercise, the public demonstrated an awareness and appreciation for the impact of changing land use within a large watershed area on the quality and quantity of water in the main channel of the watershed.
However, most of the farmers do not have Sogiddo and Gombore SQ groups, because they generally do not exist in the watershed area.
in those areas where water vole populations exist, such as Lake Ferto, the River Danube, the River Ipoly, the River Raba, and several streams connected to the watershed area of the River Danube.
local watershed, regional watershed, or Special Watershed Area impacts
Mussel species richness in each stream system was significantly correlated with watershed area and fish species richness.
Lying within a watershed area, the creek traverses under Virginia Street -- a main arterial for the city's 170,000 residents.
By 1760, after decades of environmental neglect and extended settlement in the watershed area, there was lessened pressure for preserving the Dock or its watershed.
4 acres of bottomland hardwood, baldcypress-tupelo swamp, and fresh marsh to compensate for unavoidable wetland impacts for the Terrebonne Basin watershed area.
With a former range that covered a wide watershed area of East China, the Chinese alligator is now listed as "Critically Endangered" on IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species and is the most threatened of the 23 species of crocodilians in the world today.
The average runoff for individual areas does not have consistent trends with increasing cell size (Figure 11), which corresponds with the constant runoff range with changing cell size for the entire watershed area (Figure 2).

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