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By applying the double Fourier Transform on the fundamental wave equations in the space and time domains, the wave equations are represented in the wave number k and frequency [omega] domains:
where k denotes the wave number and i is the imaginary unit.
2004) shifted to lower wave numbers, and the band broadened as temperature increased, probably caused by hydrogen bond association (Li 2003) under the thermal effect, reducing numbers of hydrophilic hydroxyl groups in wood and increasing crystallinity, hygroscopicity, and dimensional stability.
shows imaginative part of the dielectric function based on wave number for various milling time.
These axial wave numbers were selected to satisfy boundary conditions at both edges of a cylindrical shell.
1,2,23) This results in a dispersion relationship between the horizontal wave number, k, in the wave propagation direction, the vertical wave number, m, and the frequency, [omega].
Thus the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle arises because the momentum p of a quantum particle is proportional to the de Broglie wave number k of the particle.
The solvability condition (25) delivers, in principle, the eigenvalue equation for determining the normalized cut-off wave numbers [k.
The infrared spectra of the prepared compound were recorded using FT-IR (8300) Fourier Transform Infrared spectrophotometer of SHIMADZU Company as potassium bromide (KBr) discs in wave number range of 4000-400 [cm.
3]/bentonite nanocomposite at 550[degrees]C produces absorption at higher wave numbers is 1056.
Chien and Lin [13] extend their idea and prove superconvergence at the collocation points for a boundary integral equation for all wave numbers that solves the exterior Dirichlet problem for the Helmholtz equation using quadratic interpolation.