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(hardware, music)
A type of sound generator often built in a sound card. A wavetable contains digitised samples of real instrument sounds or effect (FX) sounds. A wavetable chip often also contains a drum kit sound to faciliate rhythm accompaniment.

A recorded wavetable sound may be edited and enhanced by various effects (reverb, chorus) and layered with other waveforms before writing it to ROM or RAM. The latter type serves as user sound memory.

A wavetable generator is typically controlled by MIDI input. When a MIDI note-on signal is detected, the output part of a wavetable generator generates a sound with definitive pitch, typically a musical note.

Wavetable sounds are used in games and music. The more realistic wavetable sounds have all but replaced the earlier synthetic FM (frequency modulation) sound generation in sound cards but to ensure compatibility with older games etc., an FM part is usually included.

The best known wavetable sound generators includes the E-mu 8000 chip, used in Creative Labs' Sound Blaster AWE-32 card family and in E-mu keyboards. Other wavetable cards are Gravis Ultra-Sound (GUS), ESS Cards, Opti, Zoltrix and many Roland cards.

E-Mu. AWE-32. Creative Labs.


A group of sampled sound waves used in MIDI. See wavetable synthesis and MIDI.
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Media Vision is targeting cost-conscious multimedia consumers in particular, with the affordable Pro-Audio Wavetable 32.
Stowe added that the market for kits with wavetable upgrades has been the fastest growing this year.
Furthermore, synthetic sounds can be combined as required with both custom sample sounds and pre-installed MIDI wavetable data, together with optional 3rd party audio plug-ins, to suit the specific musical requirements of the content author.
s Compact MIDI Wavetable, which provides exceptional sound quality as well as smaller file sizes than standard MIDI ringers.
It has been a great challenge to design these products using industry-leading DREAM wavetable sound synthesis for applications in mobile phones, in close cooperation with members of the TU-KA team," commented Claus Dorner, Vice President Marketing and Sales of DREAM S.
The AW320 includes a 10-band Audio Equalizer, Fat Labs approved 64 Voice Hardware wavetable synthesizer, 128 Voice Software wavetable synthesizer and the Sensura positional 3D supporting games with A3D interface.
Equally impressive for the stereo and 4-channel sound card categories, both reach up to 64 simultaneous 3D streams and support 128 DirectSound streams and 576 Wavetable voices.