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In MPEG-4, wavetable synthesis can be used in conjunction with general-purpose software synthesis and mixed with compressed vocals or the sounds of natural musical instruments.
For a suggested retail price of $159, the product features 32 voice wavetable synthesis, 3-D sound and 16-bit wavetable technology.
Aureal has taken extra steps to ensure that 64-voice wavetable synthesis is supported in NT versions.
0 and DirectSound3D, Direct Input, Active Movie, and Wavetable Synthesis.
Wavetable Synthesis -- SonicVibes leads the industry with a fully- integrated audio processor enabling low cost Wavetable music synthesis on the PC motherboard.
It provides wavetable synthesis, Sound Blaster compatibility, spatial enhancement and 3D positioning, reverberation and other audio effects, and Dolby AC-3 decoding.
SoundSuite, a suite of multimedia software for addressing music synthesis and audio processing in modern personal computers, includes full three dimensional (3D) audio positioning, spatial enhancement, Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) audio decoding, wavetable synthesis, audio effects, and Sound Blaster compatible music synthesis.
EuSynth-2 is a complete fourth generation music wavetable synthesis toolkit for General MIDI implementation.
The agreement allows Creative to distribute and develop technology using software-based Wavetable synthesis, Waveguide synthesis (physical modeling) and advanced Direct Sound-compatible system level audio mixing and reverberation.
With its high performance audio processing, the CS4630 delivers premium audio features such as Sensuara 3D and multi-channel audio, EAX environmental audio, unlimited-voice wavetable synthesis, and a built-in sample rate converter, digital mixer and 10-band graphic equalizer.
The company's initial products are targeted to implement physical modeling audio synthesis, FM and Wavetable synthesis, true positional 3-D audio, Windows Direct Sound acceleration, digital mixing and a wide range of other sound processing effects and algorithms.
DirectMusic addresses the historical limitations of MIDI-based music playback on Windows by delivering superior timing services, support for the MIDI Manufacturers Association's Downloadable Sounds (DLS) standard for wavetable synthesis, and an integrated software synthesizer, which guarantees users consistent and high-quality playback on virtually any hardware configuration.