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Mr Roberts said anyone going into the mountains should know their route, check the weather forecast and know what equipment and special skills would be required.
In addition to the improved quality and diversification of TV weather programs including the use of computer graphics, the spread of the Internet and mobile phones have also fired up competition in weather forecast services.
Improved weather forecasts could reduce the loss of life and destruction of property from severe weather, and bring economic benefits to the country.
At DeluxeWare, Evgeny Tormozov explains that "CustomWeather was our choice as the weather data provider for our apps due to their extensive worldwide offering of localized weather forecasts.
And these extended weather forecasts, no matter how accurate, offer those in the carwash industry an advanced glimpse of business for the next week.
The weather forecasts will offer guidelines that state if a particular region is likely to have weather that is above or below the recorded climactic average.
The balloons provide the data used to make the country's weather forecasts.
Tim Clark, developer of Eye in Sky, explains that "I chose CustomWeather as the data provider for their ability to provide robust, worldwide coverage of localized weather forecasts in over 68,000 locations.
A lot of people knew it was supposed to rain Sunday, but if a group went Saturday and the weather forecast changed in the afternoon, they wouldn't know about it,'' Smail said.
a specialized provider of high resolution weather forecast and alert services, is pleased to announce that in the first 4 months of 2012, they have held ForecastWatch's #1 spot for absolute wind speed forecasting accuracy for day 1.
Highways England is seeking to procure a weather forecasting service that will provide a tailored weather forecast for Highways England~s Strategic Road Network.
a specialized provider of high resolution weather forecast and alert services, has announced the availability of CWRisk[TM] - critical weather data resources for the Insurance and Risk Management industries to minimize risk and identify weather-driven demand fluctuations and opportunities.