weather minima

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weather minimum

The worst weather conditions in terms of visibility, RVR (runway visual range), and cloud ceiling for landing at a given runway or landing field either under conditions of visual flying or of instrument flying. These conditions are prescribed by directives and standing operating procedures in terms of minimum ceiling, visibility, RVR, or specified hazards to flight. The appropriate regulatory authority (e.g., FAA) lays down these conditions. The operator may lay down additional restrictions over and above those laid down by the authority. Also called weather minima.
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Everything that the crew needed to know--including engine-out weather minima and the nearest company-suitable airport--was developed by a team of professional, FAA-certificated flight dispatchers.
IFR basics, like the weather minima needed for an alternate or fuel requirements need to be burned into your brain.
Outside the declaration of an emergency, pilots who decide to divert face adhering to the same regulations as always--the rules on fuel supplies and reserves, observing weather minima, traffic and airspace rules still apply.