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Eight of the replacement poles will be weathering steel poles.
The Lives Lived Lives Lost sculpture centres around a semi-circular, weathering steel 'screen',' designed to suggest a seam of coal pierced by the workings of a mine.
Hebburn Central is clad in special weathering steel panels, famously used on the Angel of the North.
Made of 200 tonnes of weathering steel and standing 65ft high with a 175ft wingspan, the Angel of the North dominates the skyline for miles around.
The nine-foot tall sculpture was designed with weathering steel specifically for The Landing.
Sedum trays will be arranged to create a "flocking" pattern complementary to the weathering steel exterior.
While ATCO trailers, similar to conexes, are not uncommon as hotel rooms along the Alaska Highway, a large assemblage of the corrugated weathering steel containers is an arresting sight in the Alaska Arctic.
Have a picnic on an eco bench or on Treforest's fantastic Portrait Bench - featuring a certain locally born singer, immortalised in beautiful weathering steel and standing proud on 'the green, green grass of home'.
The figures will be made from weathering steel, which is the same material used to make the Angel of the North.
The rusty-looking building is made from weathering steel, which forms rust like appearance when exposed to weather.
In the case of steel bridges, researchers developed an accelerated corrosion test for weathering steel with a range of exposure conditions that demonstrated sensitivity to chloride environments.
The 3mm thick weathering steel cladding is designed as an open-jointed rainscreen of 900 x 3000mm modules that have been digitally fabricated.