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a broadcast of an event over the World Wide Web


(1) See Webinar.

(2) To send live audio or video to the user from a website. It is the Internet counterpart to traditional radio and TV broadcasting. See Internet radio and Internet TV.

(3) To send selected Web-based information (text, graphics, audio, video, etc.) to Internet users based on individual requirements. See push technology.
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In addition, advertisers, who traditionally provided a hefty source of revenue for broadcasters, have yet to embrace Webcasters.
Like any international entrepreneurs, Webcasters also face such traditional business considerations as international taxation, antitrust regulations, consumer protection laws (including those related to advertising) and other issues of commercial law.
WebCaster is specifically designed to work with Calyx's loan origination system (LOS) software Point([R]), and offers WebCaster Desktop, a feature that notifies originators as soon as prospects submit loan applications on their WebCaster site.
FACT SHEET -- Webcaster royalty rates have essentially remained flat since 1998.
based webcasters plan to turn off the music and go silent, to draw attention to the impending royalty rate increase that, if implemented, would lead to the virtual shutdown of this country's Internet radio industry.
WebCaster is the web site solution specifically designed to work with Point.
This discount period covers up to eight calendar quarters for webcasters who adopt one of AudioSoft's many performance copyright and data reporting solutions.
ICTV will demonstrate WebCaster in conjunction with major trade events in the United States and in Europe.
Opticodec-PC brings that innovation to streaming and enables a whole new class of Webcasters to blossom into profitability.
Using WebCaster in conjunction with POINT creates this advantage for brokers, large and small, providing companies with an affordable Internet presence that is fully integrated with their loan origination system.
WebCaster is the first Web-enabled digital audio announcer that provides brand and image enhancing audio content -- such as timely news, engaging programming, marketing messages and entertaining music -- to callers placed on-hold or waiting in a call-center queue.