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(World-Wide Web)
a largely unskilled Web worker - one with a passable understanding of HTML but little else.

It is often supposed that, in the New Media food chain, there is nothing lower than a webmonkey. Alas, there is: people who barely have the skills to use FrontPage; these people are called "typists".

The B1FF of webmonkeys is personified as Bobo the Webmonkey.

Compare actor/singer/waiter/webmaster.

And compare sysape, one-banana problem, scratch monkey, monkey up, and Infinite-Monkey Theorem for other simian allusions.
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Please join Webmonkey, the Web Standards Project (WSP), and Web developers for a lively discussion this evening about the problems associated with Web standards that Web developers are faced with today.
As a result, the new version of HotWired offers expanded daily news coverage of the digital world with the enhanced presence of Wired News, increased availability of technology "how-to" tutorials from its acclaimed Web-building resource site, Webmonkey, and expanded exhibitions from the bleeding-edge of technology and design in its RGB online gallery.
In addition, Wired content offerings -- Wired News, Webmonkey, and Web 101 -- will appear throughout EarthLink's key sites.
Atomz serves over 33,000 customers, including such sites as Lycos' Webmonkey site; LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company; O'Reilly & Associates; Cincinnati.
com and Wired News assets only and excludes the Hotbot, Hotwired and Webmonkey sites.
In a way it's like magic money for them,'' said Andrew De Vries, director of marketing for Wired Digital, and producer of Webmonkey for Kids, a youth-oriented Internet site.
In addition, Webmonkey, the popular web developer tutorial site, will be re-launched under WIRED Digital.
Online news service Wired News, Touch Screens Direct, The Parenting Coalition, Life Extension Buyers' Club, and WebMonkey are among the initial sites to use the free new technology.
HotBot, HotWired, Webmonkey, and Suck are trademarks or service marks of Wired Ventures Inc.
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